2015-te-deum-logoHigher Things Youth Conference will be held at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI from Monday, July 20th through Friday, July 24th.  Pastor Hardy, Kathy Stanis, John Funaiock, Kristian Gardner, Trinity Gardner, Noah Hardy, and Clarice Taylor will be in attendance.

The church office will be closed on those days.  If you have a spiritual need during that time, please contact Head Elder – John Moessner or Rev. Dan Strussenberg.



Information regarding the conference:

Te Deum, Te Deum Laudamus, “We Praise You, O God.”  All praise, all glory, all honor, all everything goes to you, O Lord, for You sent Your Son who died on the cross for us.  He rose again.  He saves.  He is the sacrifice that makes us — and our praise — acceptable to You.

In the Te Deum, we confess all that God the Father did for us in the sending of His Son.  And by faith, we join our voices with those apostles, prophets, martyrs, and of the whole Church of all times and places, in praise and worship of the Holy Trinity…giving us a glimpse right into the divine Throne Room of heaven itself!

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